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11 months ago
Benighted - Kevin Paradis playing 'Muzzle' (official drum play-through video)

Benighted - "Muzzle" - Exclusive Drum Play-through ! From Death Metal to...Jazz music !

-> On Benighted's new album "Obscene Repressed", I've done my best to mix all my influences together to create the best drum beats and fills possible for the guitar riffing. 'Muzzle' is an example of what I've ... See more

Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases : https://som.lnk.to/YouTube Taken from the album 'Obscene Repressed'. Release Date: April 10th, 2020. Order her...

11 months ago
Benighted - Full Show Drum Cam - Toulouse (Fr) 7th December 2017

Bored again during this lockdown ? Well here is an other Benighted full live drum cam ! This show was my first one as full time drummer for the band, back in 2017 ! Time flies !
Set list (not sure it was the order of the live, I kept only separate videos and I don't remember the order !) ... See more

Although I have already uploaded a better full show drum cam with Benighted, I've decided to upload this one also, as it is my first show with them as full t...

11 months ago
SEROCS "Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands" (Official Track Premiere)

New Serocs song, on which I'm drumming. For fans of erratic/epileptic Death Metal... Check it out ! 😈

[BUY PHYSICAL] https://bit.ly/3cYViMX [BUY DIGITAL] https://bit.ly/2YgzR5V Release date: June 26th 2020 (CD/DIGITAL) "Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands"...

11 months ago
Drums recording for SENSORY AMUSIA

55K view on this drums recording video ! Can't wait to share more from Sensory Amusia session...sick riffing !


Further information about drums recording and booking : contact@kevinparadisdrumming.com

More about the band : https://www.facebook.com/sensoryamusia/ I proudly endorse : Trick Drums USA Pearl Drums Scorpion Percussion T-Cymbals Poum Tchack Seria...

11 months ago

Just finished the recording of an arabic music inspired EP, and almost finished a second drums solo ! Also, I have noticed that you are 10K to follow me here on facebook ! Thank you for your support !

11 months ago

From one of my latest recording for Black metal band Moeror !

Here's a small peek into the drum recording of our new album.
Behind the drumkit for this project is Kevin Paradis drummer, who managed to deliver a great performance!

12 months ago
Blast Beat Drums Solo : "Magma Maléfique" by Kevin Paradis

Blast Drums Solo, but jazzy bass drum, pitched with "breathing drum technique", and jazzy ride cymbals ! More infos in the video description !

I proudly endorse :
Scorpion Percussion
Pearl Drums
Trick Drums USA


It might not be what you expect... To support me, you can download this track on bandcamp, NAME YOUR PRICE : https://kevinparadisdrumming.bandcamp.com/track/...

12 months ago
Kevin Paradis - Benighted - Nails - Exclusive Drum Play-through

Second play-through from Benighted new album "Obscene Repressed" : NAILS !

Shot at Kohlekeller Studio
Brought to you by Sick Drummer Magazine

Full album streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZo6yJ3kXpc

Purchase CD and Merch to support the band: ... See more

This video is drummer Kevin Paradis playing Benighted’s ‘Nails.’ While working on speed and stamina, Kevin has also tried to stay in touch with...

12 months ago
Photos de la publication de Kevin Paradis drummer

Tomorrow 17h GMT +1, I unveil the first drum solo I made in years, on my Youtube channel ! 16”bass drum, jazz ride, but blast beat only...want to hear it already ? Well it is also online on my bandcamp if you can find it ! #drum #drumsolo #drumming @trick_drums_usa @pearl_drums @tcymbals_official ... See more