1 day ago

Sold out show tonight in Denver !

1 day ago
Sick Drummer Magazine

Part II of tonight show in Kansas City. Watch part I on Sick Drummer Magazine ! Also watch Hideous Divinity Cryptopsy and @Aborted show, drummer perspective. Hope to be back soon at Riot Room. Tomorrow : Denver !

Kevin Paradis drummer - Benighted - 3/23/19 KC, MO - II

2 days ago

Playing my favorite venue with open bar tonight, not sure I'll be sober for Sick Drummer Magazine live stream... let's rock The Riot Room in Kansas City an other time !

2 days ago
Sick Drummer Magazine

You guys asked for more complete live drum cam and Sick Drummer Magazine has done a live stream ! Here you go ! We make one more this evening !

Kevin Paradis - Benighted - 3/22/19 Chicago, IL

2 days ago

Sick show in Chicago ! Pic by Kevin Jensen from Trick Drum USA.

4 days ago
One Day On Tour Ep.4 : WHAT A STRUGGLE !!

That being said, we made it to Chicago ! https://youtu.be/_zN6A7ustvM

Touring is cool... but what happen before the tour ? Here is an insight ! Stay tuned for the following episodes ! See you on tour ! 03/21- DETROIT - SANCTUAR...

5 days ago

Take note on your agenda! Not 1 but 2 live streams shows on this tour ! Will try not to sound too sloppy compare to the awesome drummers on this tour !

Sick Drummer Magazine rules !

6 days ago

WE ARE COMING TO THE US ! Can't wait to see you all from DETROIT TO BIRMINGHAM with Benighted ! This is ASYLUM CAVE live !
Can't wait to join Aborted, Cryptopsy, and Hideous Divinity, + all the great local support we will have !

I proudly endorse :
Pearl Drums
Trick ... See more

See you on tour fellow Americans ! Tour begin in Detroit and end in Birmingham for us. Can't wait to land for my third US tour ! If you want to hire me, as a...

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