2 days ago
Drums recording for "Sickening Utopia"

New record, new challenge ! Stay tuned with Sickening Utopia to discover a technical Deah Metal record in the near future. Meawhile, here are some samples of me trying to get the job done.
To hire me to record your songs, send email to : contact@kevinparadisdrumming.com

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5 days ago

Going to Vienna for a very special online project...proud to give little help to it. Stay tuned

1 week ago
Studio Sainte-Marthe

Want to hear some new Mithridatic song ? Insane production by Francis Caste, Sainte Marthe Studio.

Now finalizing the forthcoming Mithridatic album (Death Metal, St Etienne). Great songs and extreme drumming by Kevin Paradis drummer

2 weeks ago

Happy new year, of course !

3 weeks ago

Sick !

Get your copy at Everlasting Spew Records.

1 month ago
Tech-Death Tuesday: A Retrospective Look At The Best Technical Death Metal Of 2018

2 records I did on the drums are on Metal Injection list !
-> Serocs
-> Apocrophex
Plus, you'll find one band for which I've tracked an upcoming album... Stay tuned !

One list to rule them all.....and in the shred darkness bind them.

1 month ago

Here is an awesome news : Benighted will tour North America, because a Hell Over North America will happen next year ! Can't wait until we hit the road again with Cryptopsy and Aborted !!

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Trick Drums USA

Gorehounds and ghouls,
as the year draws to its end, we hope you have all been enjoying the onslaught of 'Terrorvision', marking a killer "Hell over Europe II" tour with our brothers of Cryptopsy, Benighted and CYTOTOXIN, which we all thank you for endlessly for showing support en masse.

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1 month ago
1 Day on tour, Ep.III : After the show

I take you on tour for one day ! Some insight about what it is like to be on tour. During this episode, you'll see what happen after the show ! Make sure to watch previous episodes too !
FULL VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR6HxqpwyEU

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Trick Drums USA
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1 month ago
MBC - Metal Band Covers

Hey everyone ! I've been involved in a band cover recently ! Have you watched this one already ? If not you better take a look ! Insane musicians in this video !

Spread the word on facebook ! We've been very busy making this amazing cover of The Faceless's "Legion Of The Serpent" !

🎥Full video : https://youtu.be/1BsaI66mz4s

🎸Line up :
@Cat Ze - Vocals ( @Ogarya // Coalition // Incurso )
Sylver Death Lab - Guitars ( DEATH ... See more

1 month ago
Benighted Drum Cover Contest With Kevin Paradis - Win T-Cymbals + Signed Benighted EPs - Sick Drummer Magazine

T-Cymbals and Sick Drummer Magazine drum cover contest is now over ! Want to you who are the winners ? Here is the answer !


Time to ship the rewards, congrats everyone !

Sick Drummer Magazine and Kevin Paradis of Benighted are pleased to bring you this play-through video contest, in cooperation with Season of Mist Records and T-Cymbals.

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