2 weeks ago
Kevin Paradis drummer

If you are looking for a remote studio drummer, you can reach me on Facebook or at contact@kevinparadisdrumming.com ! I still have some time for recording sessions before the end of the year !

Here as a video I've shot while recording for Enlo Marco, this video has no processing so you can hear ... See more

You were a lot to like my last raw mix isolated drums video, and to ask for more video like that... so here you go ! Since time, I'm using my Pearl Drums Reference Pure, always with T-Cymbals, and Trick Drums USA of course !

I was orking for Enlo, if you want to discover the full song, watch this ... See more

3 weeks ago
50 Shades Of Blast Beat : from simple variations to complex ones.

Always remember to work on your blast beat during Week-End !

300 bpm blast beat, 400 bpm blast beat... why using technique only to go faster and faster ? This video is an attempt to show that even at 1 medium tempo, yo...

3 weeks ago
Remote Session Drummer records for : Musmahhu - Slaughter of the Seraphim - (Death Metal)

Have you listen to Musmahhu full length album yet ? If not, you can watch my drum play-through, and take a look to the video description to find links related to the band. That is if you are into DEATH METAL... of course.

Don't forget, if you want me to drums on your songs, send email to ... See more

I'm proud to announce that I've recorded drum for Swartadauþuz at the occasion of Musmahhu debut album (I drum also on the EP "Formulas Of Rotten Death"). He...

4 weeks ago

16 days, 94 hours at my job, 2 days with a small tenditinis, and 6 super technical songs recorded. That might have been the most challenging days of my life so far... But the recording is going to be absolute FIRE ! Can't wait to share this one with you !

1 month ago
280BPM with HEELS ? Do shoes matter for double bass ? INVESTIGATING XTREM METAL DRUMMING MYTHS

Have a great sunday everyone ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52fOqX0QOOA

Want to know what shoes will help you with double bass ? Want to know THE big secret about them ? Well, they almost don't matter to my opinion ! Need evidenc...

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