2 weeks ago


Alright so some of you, the last few years and especially the last few days (can you guess why, wrong answer only !) asked me if I was available for drum lessons through skype....

Answer was no as my schedule is always a bit tricky, and as I am struggling to ... See more

2 weeks ago
Kevin Paradis - Benighted - Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth

Wow ! I didn't notice this Benighted video has more than 50K view !
Thank to Sick Drummer Magazine for the upload

Kevin Paradis - Benighted - Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth. See Full Story Here: http://sickdrummermagazine.com/news/latest-news/kevin-paradis-b...

2 weeks ago

Eh bien nous y voilà, c'est la mort dans l'âme qu'on doit vous annoncer que la tournée Hellfest Warm Up n'aura pas lieu. Notez bien que la tournée n'est pas reportée, elle est annulée...mais on trouvera bien l'occasion de se voir dans quelques mois ! Étant donné le contexte actuel, ... See more

So here we are, the french part of the Hellfest Warmup Tour 2020 is cancelled, except for Nantes' gig (until further informations). We are so sorry about that, see you soon on the road. Be strong, stay safe !

2 weeks ago
Complete Live Drum Cam - SETH - "Rock It" - Aalen (DE) in 2014

Currently, last song of the whole show, last chance to watch me playing pop-corn with the kickss ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEh9EJZ2f5s

As we are many in the world to be in quarantine, and that I will have way more free time than expected, I'm gonna uplaod several complete live drum cam and s...