Are you looking for a drummer to record your song, EP or album ?

This is something I can do for you. Since 2015, this is what I’m doing, and I have learn a lot about drum recording… You can take a look to the “videos” and the “Discography” sections to find some of my previous work, and you’ll find a list of my gear in the “Gear” section !

So how does this work ?

I will spend time learning your songs, and if I can stricly follow a well done drum machine, I can can also propose alternative ideas, or create a whole drumming from a blank page for your musical project.

Do you want drums part in order to write guitars on them ? This is also possible !

Once I know what to play, or when to jam on the riffs, I record drums. Then I’ll send you a preview stereo file, with a raw sound. You like it ? Great ! You want to change some parts ? No problem, one time per song, I can go back behind the drumkit and make the changes you want. Of course, I’ll always be there to discuss with you, and make sur we have something coherent at the end.

And then ? I take care of a massive part of the audio editing. That mean I’ll correct all the small mistakes which are okay for live, but not for studio. Depending the kind of music, I’ll do a very strict editing, or I’ll let the drumming live a bit more. I’ll also gate by hand the toms tracks : this will save time when you will work with a studio for the final mix. And let say that on a toms stroke, we have way too much bleeding from a near cymbals, no problem I’ll replace this stroke by a sample of the exact same tom.

Moreover, I give, for each session, specific samples of my drumkit, recorded during the same session ! Then you can make custom trigger tracks using my own sound.

You want a video for promotion ?

No problem, I can shot some footage when I’m recording. If you have want a specific song from your record, let me know !

Of course, I can upload the video on my Youtube channel (more than 12k subscribers) and on my facebook artist page (more than 8k likes) to promote your music.

What about the rate ?

To know my rate, the best is to send me an email. I need to know how many songs you want me to record, what kind of music, and the total length. Then I’ll give you a rate, and a schedule. If this is fine for you, all you’ll have to do is to book the recording session by sending 1/3 of the total rate on my paypal or bank account. And of course, you’ll get an invoice with all my legal information ;).

When I’m doing the recording, I will ask for the second part of the payment, and when the recording is done, I will ask for the last part. 

What do you get in the end ?

Well you will have up ot 20 raw tracks, with almost all editing work done, ready to mix, but also mixed tracks : I will send you kick, snare, toms, cymbals, and room tracks, mixed ! Hence, if you are not working with a professionnal studio, you will not get lost trying to mix for the first time a drumkit !


Interested ? Then send email to :