Benighted “Dogs Always Bite Harder Then Their Master” 2018, Season Of Mist

Brutal Death Metal

Svart Crown “Abreaction” 2017, Century Media

Blackened Death Metal

Mithridatic “Miserable Miracle” 2016, Kaotoxin/Xenokorp

Blackened Death Metal

Death Lab “EP 2” 2019, Independant

Cartoon Death Metal

Mithridatic “He Who Lies Underneath” 2018, Xenokorp

Blackened Death Metal – Live album.

Serocs “The Phobos/Deimos suite” 2018, Everlasting Spew Record

Technical Death Metal

Construct Of Lethe “The Grand Machination” 2017, Edgewood Arsenal Records.

Death Metal

Shockwave Extinction “Demo 2018” 2018, Independant.

Extreme Metal

Autokrator “Hammer of the Heretics” 2018, Krucyator Productions.

Black Metal

Sutrah “Dunes” 2017, Independant

Technical Death Metal

Unfragment “Les Courbures de l’Ame” 2017, Independant

Hard rock/Metal

Virulent Depravity “Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree” 2017, The Artisan Era

Technical Death Metal

Gorsed Noctis “Orgy on Meridians” 2017, Independant

Technical Death Metal