Remember the  » 50 shades of blast beat » video I did ? Well here is an other one on the same concept ! This is the most played drum beat ever, but can you play all of these variations ?  

What kind of drum sound can I make in my recording room ? Let’s find out !

Replacing all alternating hand blast with traditional blast beat in Benighted Set (300bpm and +) ! Also thinking about a 4 hours and + drum lessons package about hand technique. Would you be interested ?

Aronious new album « IRKALLA » is OUT 8/12/22 ! Here is a second drum play-through of a song of the album. Enjoy !

New video online ! Red Hot Chili Peppers, « Suck My Kiss » drum cover. A song that I did played a lot when I was taking drums lessons and that came back to my hear recently…

Aronious new album « IRKALLA » is OUT 8/12/22 ! And here is already a drum Play-through !

Benighted will play at Hellfest 2, Friday June the 24th, Altar stage, at 17h ! Be there !

I am thrilled to announce that I proudly endorse « CODE DRUMHEADS » ! Want to hear how they sound ? Check out this video !