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DRUMS COVER CONTEST !! Play BENIGHTED "Nothing Left To Fear", win a Pearl Sensitone snare, and much more !

Archspire is one hell of a band right ?! and what about Spencer ?? WOW ! And we got lucky with Benighted, as Oli, vocalist from Archspire, agreed to join us on a song ! 402bpm gravity blast madness, trying to emulate some of Spencer magic here ! But for that I had to go open some chest full of useful items... Watch the video to know more !

AND ! If you want some of these items, well give your best shot at covering this song, upload your performance on Youtube, and send the link to contact@kevinparadisdrumming.com !

So here are the rules : 
  1. Record a drum cover of Benighted "Nothing Left to Fear", using these files :  GET YOUR FILES FOR THE CONTEST NOW !!
  2. Upload your performance on Youtube, before to send me the link on my email, contact@kevinparadisdrumming.com. before May the 9th !
  3. You entry is valid once I reply back. I will add your video on a public Youtube Playlist, and I'll share your video as much as I can on Instagram, so you can also upload an extract on Instagram and tag me ! Look for kevin_paradis_drumming and you should find me !
  4. Contest is world wide ! But at the moment, it is almost impossible to ship anything to Russia...Following the struggle to send the rewards to the winner of the "SCARS" contest (don't worry I manage solution to send something to Mike Ponomarev and Blastbeatology !), and I can't guarantee this time that I will be able to deliver rewards to Russian Drummer. You will still get 1st, 2sd of 3rd place, but your rewards might go to an other drummer if we can't find a solution... If I can wire money instead, I'll, but as I have said, it really depends on my finance when we end the contest... sorry for that Russian drummers !

You will get a chance to win : 

  • 1st place : 
PEARLSensitone Heritage Alloy steel 14X5,  (used in the video, but NEW !)
EVANS Heavyweight 14", EVANS reso snare head, EVANS super 30 snare wires and a drumhead hoop to make your Gravity Blast louder, everything set on the snare, and tuned !
6 SCORPION PERCUSSION drumsticks from the Immortal serie, and a t-shirt !

  • 2sd place : 
The Gravity Blast Magic package ! Which inclure EVANS Heavyweight, Evans snare reso head, Evans super 30 snare wires, Evans E-Ring, and a drumhead hoop to pimp your snare just as I did for this video ! Sizes of your choice.
3 SCORPION PERCUSSION drumsticks from the Immortal Serie, 3 from the Rehearsal Serie, and a T-Shirt !

  • 3rd place : 
3 SCORPION PERCUSSION drumsticks from the Immortal Serie, and 3 from the Rehearsal Serie, with a T-Shirt !

So fellow drummers ! I am waiting for your entries ! Good luck !