My own recording, mixing and mastering studio !

The live room

The live room is 3 to 5 meter wide, 7 meter long, and 3m high. Diffusors are omnipresent. The reverberation is beautiful, bright, drums sounds big and cutting. Nonetheless, the room can be tamed with acoustic panel and tune to your desire !

The control room

Small, but big enough to fit 3 persons, its absolutely dead but neutral acoustic is here to make sure that if you like the mix here, you will like it on every system ! 


The Nostromo Studio music production is not just a recording studio. Here, I also mix and master your songs ! Bellow are some examples of my productions. You can ask me to record drums for your song and then to take care of the production, you can enter the studio for a full recording, or you can just send me your tracks for the mix and master.

Modern production :

Live production : 

Production with multiples orchestrations :

Old School / Modern middle ground : 

Live production :