Hire me to record you songs !

Remote session drummer since 2015.

Why ?

Well... drummers are sometime are to find aren't they ? So if you are writing music, you might just use a drum machine plugin, they are awesome ! But you might be a bit bored by the generic sound they offer. Or you might find that your drums part are great, but lack a little something... and it is because it is a proper art to write drums part. Most of the time, you need to feel the drumming while playing to know what works best. Also, you might not be a drummer, but you might just love the drumming of a particular drummer...
This is where you might consider hiring a drummer to record your songs. This is something I am doing since 2015, and I did over 80 albums during the past 9 years. So if you want to go next level with your drums parts, and sound, and/or if you like my drumming, well, let's do this !

How it works ?

First, send me an email, and you add an extract of your music. We will discuss about it, your expectation about the drumming, the sound you want, the length of the record, and the schedule. To book the recording session, I just need a deposit, which is 1/3 of the total rate. To design the drumming, you can trust me and leave me with a blank page, especially if you like my art. But you can also guide me with some written instructions, or with a drum machine that you want me to follow and interpet. Once I have learn the music, I record, and I send a stereo preview file for you to give feedback. You like the take ? Perfect ! You want changes ? No problem, my rate include a serie of changes to each song. And then, when everything is recorded and validate, I send a raw multitrack as soon as the last payment is done.
And by the way, if I have to cancel, I refund, and if I am late, I also refund. Nonetheless, I do not refund if you cancel on your side.

What kind of files do I provide ?

I send a raw multitrack, which has no EQ, compression, reverb etc… but which is already vastly edited, and hence ready for the mixing and mastering process. Tracks are mainly from microphones, only the bass drum might be triggered, depending the music. I have top and bottom snare microphones, hi-hat and ride microphones, overhead microphones, one microphones on each toms, but also some stereo room microphones set up. Cherry on the cake, I record samples of the whole drumkit for each recording, and that is a big plus for the producer ! Also, for EP and album, my rate include a video to promote the recording, and I usually upload this video on my social Network, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Total combine amount of view can be from 5K to 50K views and more if the music please my followers. Remember that I have around 12K followers on Facebook, 20K on Youtube, and 10K on Instagram.

Where do I record ?

Since 2021,  I do record in a professional studio, my own one, the « Nostromo Studio ». The recording room and the control room have been designed by an acoustic architect to have the best recording quality possible ! You like big drums sound ? No problem I can have tons of reverberation. You want something intimate ? No problem, I can choke the room with absorption panels ! Also I do have some backline, and I can make different drums configuration to match the sound you need, no matter what kind of music you are making !