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Inverted note rate exercices - Increase speed through coordination/posture/control

What is this course ??

     It can be super hard to increase your mastery of a technique right ? Doesn't matter if you have hit 160 bpm for 4/8 bars with full leg motion, or 200 bpm and above with ankle motion, swivel or heel toe, it is a hard journey to always push at your redzone to play faster and tighter...

     What is I told you that you can increase your mastery of your technique withtout practising at your redzone ? This is what I teach you in this video ! How to incrase your speed through coordination, posture, and control. Follow it until the final "CONTROL CHALLENGE" and you will make great progress in your drumming skills. 

     And this lessons is not just about mastering your feet technique, but also about increasing your hand technique , and about moving faster and with precision around the drumkit.


What is included ?

     By buying the full course, you purchase :

1 - a 15 pages PDF with notation, tips and advices to design a routine around the concept.

2 - an access to a 2H30min video that include demonstrations and explanations.

3 - The base pattern with its 6 variations, 13 steps to learn it and acquire better coordination, 5 blast beat exercises, and 4 ways of practicing the inverted note rate exercices to push things further, included the insane "CONTROL CHALLENGE" that I have designed !!!


Requirement :

     160bpm 4/8 bars both on hands (wrist motion) and feet (full leg motion). At faster tempo, this lesson is suitable for all technique (push pull, open close, ankle motion, swivel, heel toe)

     CAUTION : this course is not meant to learn a technique !! It is meant to perfect your technique, increase your coordination skills, to develop your control of a technique (your ability to play it at all its tempo range and to switch from a tempo to an other with ease), to improve your posture while playing on the drumkit, to strengthen your hand technique, and your ability to move around the drumkit.


     YES IT IS A VERY BROAD DRUM LESSON !!!!!! So buy it now and begin the journey !

Free extract here !